11.Gurdwara Sangrana Sahib Ji :
It is just two miles from Amritsar in the direction of Tarn Taran. Here it is stated that Mata Sulakhani caught the reins of the horse of Guru Hargobind Sahib and asked for the gift of child. When the Guru declined she gave the Guru the pen and inkpot to write the gift of a son. When Guru Ji tried to write one (1), the Guru’s horse lifted its leg and due to disturbance (1) converted into (7) seven. Mata Sulakhani gave birth to seven sons.

12. Gurdwara Chhehrta Sahib :

Guru Hargobind Sahib was born in the village of Wadali. To celebrate the occasion Guru Arjan Dev dug up a very huge well near the village. The well is so huge that on it worked six Persian wheels and it solved the problem of water scarcity. A Gurdwara was built alongwith the well which is known as Chheharta Sahib.


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