3. Gurdwara Tarn Taran Sahib Ji (Darbar Sahib) :

When Guru Arjan Dev went on a missionary tour to the Majha region, he chanced upon to see a huge pond near by the village of Khara. The surroundings were also very picturesque. The Guru bought some land from the villagers of Khara and Palasaur. Then he started the work of digging a tank 999’ long and 996’ broad. There he constructed a Gurdwara on the side of the tank. It is known as Darbar Sahib, Tarn Taran.
4. Gurdwara Goindwal Sahib Ji or Bauli Sahib :

Guru Amar Das caused a big Baoli dug at Goindwal as a first Sikh pilgrimage. He exhorted the Sikhs that taking bath here is more useful than taking bath at Hardwar. He constructed 84 steps to reach the Baoli (a large oblong tank) and instructed that whosoever takes bath repeating the Japji while sitting on these 84 steps one by one till the last step, is made free form the 84 lacs forms of species and enters heaven. A beautiful Gurdwara was built beside the Baoli.



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