There are lot of religious places to be seen in North India. We take this grand opportunity to provide special services to our guests that while they are in Amritsar they can travel to all the 16 Gurdwaras which are on the belt of Amritsar. Also the Yatra includes the Wagha Border which is between India and Pakistan.
This whole belt comprises of 220 k.m. which is covered within eight hours and you are driven back to the hotel. So we insist our guests to pay an obesiance at various Gurdwaras and temples and make their trips fruitful.

So here the list follows of various Gurdwaras:
1. Gurdwara Guru Ki Wadali :

Guru Arjan Dev left Amritsar with his family and entourage and settled at Wadali, 5 miles away, to avoid the daily bickerings and intrigues of Pirthi Chand. The villagers welcomed the Guru and gave a bricked Haveli for residence. Guru Hargobind Sahib incarnated at Wadali.
2. Gurdwara Sann Sahib :
The youngest son of Guru Angad Dev named Dasu, kicked Guru Amar Dass off his throne and asked him to leave Goindwal. Guru Amar Dass left Goindwal for Basarke and reaching there shut himself inside a house for quiet meditation. On the door he wrote, “Whosoever opens the lock of this door, I will not own him as my follower.” Baba Budha broke open the house from the back side, without touching the lock on the front-door, fulfilled the command of the Guru in letter, if not in spirit. Thus he was able to see the Guru, who overwhelmed with his devotion, accompanied the Sikhs to Goindwal. The Gurdwara Sann Sahib stands on that place.


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